Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Aileen Thomson


law, justice, human rights, peace and conflict, transitional justice, rule of law, civil society, protests and activism, localization, monitoring & evaluation


Aileen is constantly inspired by the young activists and researchers she has encountered throughout her career. She loves being a sounding board for new ideas, pushing back against international dominance over local agendas, and asking tough questions. Her background is in human rights, international law, transitional justice and peace and conflict. She researched and wrote reports on displacement in/from Myanmar and protests and the right to peaceful assembly with Progressive Voice, a participatory rights-based research and advocacy organization working on Myanmar. She spent five years with the International Center for Transitional Justice in various positions including as Head of Office in Myanmar and Nepal. With ICTJ, she trained civil society organizations and conducted research on reconciliation, transitional justice and victims’ groups and civil society advocacy for and participation in transitional justice. Aileen worked for the Public International Law and Policy Group, researching and writing legal memoranda on international law, peace agreements and comparative constitutional law. She has also done research and trainings for small human rights and political organizations on the Thai-Myanmar border, and has substantial experience in monitoring and evaluation. Aileen is qualified to practice law in New York, and attended American University where she got her law degree (J.D.) and a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from the School for International Service.

Jonathan Rhodes


Areas of Interest: environmental science, land rights, community development, environmental governance, urban resilience, political ecology, agriculture, sustainability


Jonathan is continually seeking ways to further support and strengthen local communities. He is heavily influenced by his time working with small networks and local CBOs in Thailand and Myanmar. He spent the last 7 years working as an independent environmental consultant conducting research, training, and report writing for organizations that have included the Network for Environment and Economic Development (NEED-Myanmar), Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (KMSS), and the Thailand Environmental Institute Foundation (TEI), among others. He attended the American University in Washington DC where he received his Master of Science in environmental science. He is currently perusing a PhD in the Faculty of Social Science at Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai Thailand and is a researcher on a joint project with Chiang Mai University, Stockholm Environment Institute, and York University in the UK.


Passachol “Pam” Khawdee


Cultural anthropology, ethnicity, intangible cultural heritage, education, community development, cultural management, sustainable development

Areas of Interest

Pam is a passionate individual who seeks to work with local communities to safeguard local culture as well as to improve the quality of lives. She enjoys doing research and exchanging ideas with people from various backgrounds. Throughout her university life, she joined many international-related activities which allowed her to manage teams and arrange cultural activities. She also spent her time after graduation as an intern at Culture Unit, UNESCO Bangkok. Pam received her Bachelor’s Degree in Language and Culture from Chulalongkorn University.

Pann Ei Phyu (Ei Phyu)


Community development, education, environmental protection, rural development, gender equality & women right

Areas of Interest

Ei Phyu is enjoys working for community development projects, especially in the rural development sector. She believes education is the only key to bringing a better future for the people, reducing poverty and inequality, she is eager to be involved in educational development. She enjoys providing trainings the most because she loves sharing knowledge. She participated in many student projects and served as a member of the student union.  She was awarded a scholarship from Child’s Dream Foundation and finished her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Development at Rangsit University International College, Bangkok, Thailand. She completed a four-month internship at TeacherFOCUS where she assisted in conducting training and primary research projects.

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Areas of Interest

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Salilraya Akkaratarakul


Translating and interpreting, business English, Fiction and other literature, LOVE animals

Areas of Interest

Salilraya enjoys new challenges and new situations. She enjoys working closely with her colleagues in a tight knit work environment. She is passionate about Chiang Mai and the community. She has a background in front-desk management and sales but wanted to transition into a new career. She is in her final year of university at Chiang Mai University Faculty of Humanities studying English.

Board of Advisors

Dr. Pakamas Thinphanga

Dr. Mark Ritchie

Mr. Simon Dickinson