Data Visualization on CANVA

A beginners guide to data visualization using CANVA, an online creators tool.

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This course is designed for community-based organizations and local non-governmental organizations to be able to learn basic features on CANVA and apply those with creating infographics to visualize their work informatively and meaningfully. You will be learning three modules: basic features on CANVA, colors and charts, and how to create an infographic. After this course, please complete the quiz and receive your certificate. You must score 80% on the quiz to pass.


CANVA Unit 1.1 How to create an account

CANVA is one of the many designing programs that would make your life easier in creating a design from scratch. In this unit, you will learn about the structure of the program and to get started with step-by-step instructions on how to create an account on CANVA.  

CANVA Unit 1.2 How to create a design

All you need to know about basic functions on CANVA is here. This video lesson is designed with visual presentation that will help illustrate the important icons and features. We will explain one icon after another to make sure that you understand its functions.  

CANVA Unit 1.3 Get to know features I

You are not sure what “templates” and “elements” features are for? This unit has an answer for you. It will explain the significance of each feature and provide an easy-to-follow example at the end for you to get familiar with the program.

CANVA Unit 1.4 Get to know feature II

Apart from knowing “templates” and “elements” features in the previous unit, it is also important to know “uploads”, “photos”, and “texts” features. This will help add more interesting components into your designs.  

CANVA Unit 2

CANVA Unit 2.1 Colors and Charts 1

When designing any poster or presentation slides, it is also important to understand how to use colors to attract your audience and be mindful about what colors could convey in different cultures. In this unit, it is not an instruction to design something, but it is what suitable to do in choosing colors. Please keep in mind that, however, there is no fix rule for applying colors into your design.  

CANVA Unit 2.2 Colors and Charts 2

If you have come this far to this unit, you are able to design presentation slides or beautiful frames for yourself, family, and friends. However, to make your design more informative, you need “charts”. You could still use texts to make it informative, but the reason why we are learning this course is to create an infographic to attract your audience. So, it is impossible to not talk about charts. In this unit, you will learn different types of charts and how to create one.  

CANVA Unit 3

CANVA Unit 3-1 Infographics

Congratulations for staying with us until the last unit! This unit will explain the 5 elements that you should include in your infographic. They are not mandatory, but if you wish to have an informative, yet attractive infographic, you should follow our steps.  

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